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    OMG!!! You have got to tell me all about it A.S.A.P. I can't wait for a full out concert review from you. Did you happen to get any pictures or anything. Let me know all about it!

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    Reply from mintjulip49:

    I haven't been ignoring you, it's just that i've been pretty busy, so sorry if this has taken me a while to reply.

    OK here we go...the evening was a warm(ish) one. I arrived at the 02 Centre, formally the's a great place for a concerts etc. Don't know why they took so long to use it. (long story).

    I was there an hour before because i had to pick up the tickets, i only got them the day before. It was such trauma trying to get them on line. It was causing mini heart attacks. I thought that i had lost the ones i had. It said that they were probably sold out. I nearly fainted but i kept going and eventually got a pair.

    My friend arrived late and i wanted to brain her but she apologied all was well in the end.

    I'd never been there before, so didn't know the layout but w
    hen we in the auditorium, we loved out seats. The only thing that wold have made them perfect, would be if we were able to touch Justin.

    Anyway, we soaked up the atmosphere and prepared ourselves for his arrival. It was a good thing because when he came on, the place just exploded. Everyone went crazy..i went ears still haven't popped properly

    I just loved everying the opening to the end. He danced amazingly. He sang amazingly. He is so unbelievably talented. I couldn't believe how much he's grown and how much his voice and range have improved live.

    I started off wanting to groove along with him but he's was so fantastic, that i found myself listening and looking at what was before me. He mesmerising.

    His voice was so pure and strong. I never prefer people's live performaces over their cd but i definitely did in this case. He made me tingle the whole night. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I loved that he played intruments live and i loved the way he incorporated that into the performaces.

    His dancers were cute too. I loved the way they moved and i loved that his backing singers danced as well. They were also very cute.

    My friend isn't a fan like me but after the show, she said that we may have a convert in her. She got that "Superstar" vibe from J. I did too but as i'm a fan i dind't say anything, she told me which made it very pleasing. We couldn't stop raving. She was calmer the next day but i of course, was even deeper in love than i was before. imageimageimage

    When he sang the last song, Another Song, i was truly gone. I wished that he was just starting not leaving. It was great and poignant to see him on his own with just the piano on stage at the end. To me, it was the best way to finish to show. After he finished singing, beautifully and amazingly i may add, he jumped on the piano at the end and waved us goodybe. I wanted to run down there and grab him and take him to my room and never let him

    Now that i'm writing this., i realise that there is so much that he did that night. I could be here all day. I hated the fact that i just got to see him once. Serves me right for being so badly organised this time around. I got the blues the next day and to seems to last for a

    So many people that i met said that they'd see him all week if they could. One person said that i don't matter how much it cost her, she wanted bat seats nest time. I love the circular stage, i hope that he keep it. It really adds to the atmosphere.

    Even those that were really high up, said that they didn't care. What was important was being there. I agreed.

    We were chatting after the show i bought a few things..tour book etc and we missed the last train, which stupidly left at 12.15 pm, we got there 21.18 How annoying. My friend and i, had to take night buses. That meant that i didn't get home until 3am. Even that couldn't dampen my mood. In some ways, it just added to the memory of that night.

    As i said, a million things done that night so to rein me in and/or if i've forgotten something, then feel free to ask because of couse, i'd love to answer.

    I really hope that you get to experience J live...nothing like it.

    PS: You're going to have to teach me how to do icons. I don't usually bother with things like those but i want one after looking at what you guys

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    I know those pictures and videos were amazing! He's so gorgeous and talented.

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    Reply from mintjulip49:

    I'll fill you in later but we did amange to get ticket and great ones at that. Had an amazing time. He's truly amazing...wheeeee!! imageimage

    What with one thing and another, didn't get home until 3am...woke up at 7.15am Spent sometime trying to get my JT fix ad now i'm going to try and have a rest.

    I don't want this amazing feeling to end. I told my friend that i'm now in love with him even more. Didn't think that was possible. She's now a

    Anyway, i'll talk later and fill you in with all of the magical sights and sounds of the beautiful Mr. JT image
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    Hey! Did you have any luck finding tickets?

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    Reply from mintjulip49:

    Thans for asking. Ive seen one or two but i've got to get on the net with my friend to see what she can afford before i go ahead.

    Seeing him do the Dublin concert has certainly wetted my appetite even moreimage.
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    Remember me talking your ear off about college in Oakland, CA? Yeah, I'm still itching about that and waiting for my day to come.

    I hope you get some tickets (so I have some type of Justin experience through you-haha!). Ttyl!

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    Reply from mintjulip49:

    Now that it's the weekend, i'm going to concentrate and search hard. I have to bear my friend in mind when i look at prices etc.

    Happy for you to have your Justin experience through me and i'll be just as happy when your experience comes around, which i'm sure that it will one day. image